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With exclusive dealings like Valentine's Day advent and going each year, I am reminded how challenging it can be to keep your attitude of who you are when you're a Christian single.

It just at times feels like it would be easier to mold by hand into at all your dating partners want, and then you can get on with active favorably ever after.

Become what other ancestors want you to be, date non Christians, etc.

I was freshly reminded of this when I met up with a associate for coffee. As energetic, bubby, positive, social, million-miles an hour type of Christian girl, she was effective me about her new boyfriend. They had moved in together, he didn't like to socialize, he was quiet and reserved, and all they did was watch TV.

They didn't even put up a Christmas tree or illumination this past festival season, for the reason that he attention it was all a waste of time. This from my ally who as a rule wears a Santa hat for the entire month of December.

As we chatted, she kept mitigating all of the belongings that they noticeably didn't have in common. I then noticed her as a rule dancing eyes had lost their shine.

How sad, I thought. Why had she given up on her spirit?

During my many years of lone life, I attended a workshop where one of the exercises was to write done all of the belongings that we were looking for in a partner. But in order to do that, we first had to write down all of the belongings that definite us as people.

This prompted an amazing cycle of Soul incisive questions.

1. What did I accept as true in?

2. What role did God play in my life?

3. What were my values?

4. What was chief to me?

5. On career, did I work to live, or live to work?

6. What did I do for fun?

7. What hobbies did I have?

8. What offended me?

9. What did I bear in mind to be right and wrong, moral and immoral, ethical and unethical?

10. What were my politics?

11. What were my dreams?

12. What goals did I have?

13. What about my children and the appeal for more kids?

14. What charities and causes did I support?

By crucial what I sought in an added person, I was first clarifying and refining my own self image and my own spirit.

I industrial a apparition of my Christian singles partner, based on my own clearness of what my character was (as disparate to the other way around).

I became more and more committed to sustaining my attitude while incisive for a partner. As it bowed out, when my atmosphere was challenged by some of the colonize I dated (if they weren't Christian or if we clashed on any of the answers to the questions above), I had the confidence and inner conviction to civilly say good-bye and move onto the next person.

It still took me a long time to find the right character (or rather, she found me). I still had to endure all the way through a few more Valentine's Days, which all the time reminded me of my singleness. Yet, I came to achieve that it had never been more central to know what I stood for.

You too can do the same. Counter those questions above and be au fait with what you stand for.

Then you can carry on your exploration for like-minded people. The Internet and website personals speeds that whole course up for you, hire you refine your hunt by aspect age ranges, kids or not, removed or not, white, black, location, earnings level, career path, values, etc.

Your character will truly sing when you start being paid to know like-minded people.

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