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Valentine's Day was at first an development of an antediluvian Roman festival exaltation the divinity Juno, Roman Divinity of Matrimony or a ensuing celebration of St. Valentine, a martyred Roman who cosseted the body of nuptials at some point in his life by secretly marrying couples, in boldness of the Emperor's ban, until he was put to death on February 14, 269 A. D-- one thing is for sure.

Today, Valentine's Day, constantly celebrated on February 14, is a date where lovers send Valentine's Day gifts, cards, candy & flora as expressions of what's in their hearts & minds. Valentines Day is a day to communicate your love, and to celebrate the apparition of love.


Run, hide and take an unexpected commerce trip out of town!

For any of you who knows or has read or heard about Elvis Preston King the Chief Playboy. You know he has over 1000 girlfriends.

What's he going to do? "I plan on captivating my top girl to an all-inclusive beach option and send vegetation and chocolate to the rest. Put your calculator to work and let me know about what my Valentine tab will be!"
Elvis Preston King

Elvis Preston King was born in Mississippi and grew up in Memphis. Not to be baffled with the other great King, Elvis Presley. Elvis has at all times had an eye for girls since he first saw one as a baby. Elvis is a 55 year old chief who doesn't want to let go of being 18. He has over 1000 sexy girlfriends 18 to 22 years old. He is now looking for just ONE gentleman subordinate to share in his good fortune. You can email him at seniorplayboy1@yahoo. com or visit http:http://www. msnusers. com/BachelorDreamTours or http://bachelortours. blogspot. com/ or http://seniorplayboyclub. blogspot. com/


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