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The adult years of theories on how to pick up girls were compiled by guys who had troubles with women and tried to get better. Therein lies the very characteristics of the troubles with most theory. They all fake that you, going over to the girl, have less value then her. By presumptuous this, you're compulsory to play a role of lower value. Why on earth are you high and mighty you are worth less then the girl? I don't care how hot she is!

This is chiefly true of the connection versus attraction theory. The assumption is: arrogant you have two glasses that you need to fill attraction and rapport, the attraction glass must be packed ahead of she will pay awareness to your rapport. Well this guess suffers deeply from 'my bond isn't high a sufficient amount value for her to eavesdrop to.

What your adage is that you have to WORK for her ATTENTION. By idea this, you PLAY into the role of having less value. Let me put it to you this way, if you are a nerd and you walk over to a hot girl and she says "bug off," you're almost certainly going to turn about and walk away right? Then your going to come up with strategies to make her pay attention. Now what if you were change for the better looking then Brad Pitt, had more money then Donald Trump, and she said that. You would almost certainly laugh. And she would counter in a different way since you responded differently.

You see all the outer evils stem from in-house responses. What you accept as true shapes your reality. And if you have faith in you need to fill an attraction glass- that you need to fight for her concentration you are lessening into the frame that you are inherently NOT good enough.

Well my friend, this is BASED on FALSE assumptions that you are not good a sufficient amount and as a result must get her interested. If you believe something at all- as a substitute begin to have she loves to hear your empathy and get to know you. All colonize WANT- NEED to be loved. they just have filters. You be supposed to believe your beat then the guys she filters out, and laugh away any resistance. Why concern juggling and dancing, and doing all kinds of routines just to get her attention. Counter another way to resistance, answer with confidence and you can disregard the two glass theory. How you answer to her ought to MAKE her fascinated by displaying a stronger reality.

Like my affair partner Cameron Teone continually used to say- it is like the scene in the Matrix where Neo must jump athwart the buildings. He can't do it until he truly believes. Well, I am decisive you to have faith in in physically and knock over the attraction glass. You DON'T need it. It is a concept born from insecurity.

All you need is rapport: assertive rapport. So what's the discrepancy among insecure empathy and convinced rapport? It comes down to your inner beliefs. Do you consider she's going to pay attention and like what you have to say about yourself. You should. In fact she ought to be execution on every word you say for the reason that you accept as true she needs you. If you have that inch of doubt, that means you have faith in she isn't ATTRACTED to you, and you need to build the attraction then. But what if you didn't have that doubt? Girls can smell confidence, and they can certainly become aware of any insecurity. They will see the confidence you have in manually when you are as the crow flies advance and you just fake they will like you. And they WILL answer back positively. Bear in mind an inch of doubt and you're dead in the water.

The next big ask is how can I get this confidence? Well. . . see us at a workshop.

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