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You went out with the guy. You both had a great time (or at least you thought he did!). You said goodnight, and he said he'd call you.

He didn't.

Why? What did you say to offend him? Was it your hair? Your clothes? Your weight? What's wrong with you, anyway?

The answers to those questions are as follows: Who cares? Nothing, no, no, no, and not a damn thing.

Every woman in the world--no be important how thin, beautiful, smart, kind or talented--has been disappointed by a guy she especially liked who said he'd call but didn't.

Whatever you do, don't call him. Why? As he said he'd call you, and he didn't. Which means that also his word is no good (better to know that early on!), or that he by mistake threw away your phone digit with the tin foil he wrapped his peanut butter sandwich in.

Yes, of classes women have every right to phone a man (as long as they're cool about it), but why put by hand at a burden by passion someone who cute much lied to you? Who needs it?

Now, ahead of you fall into the funk that says you're never going to get married, all your dates end badly, you're in receipt of older by the second, you're going to die alone. . .


The truth is, the guy has done you a favor. He's not right for you, and in a spineless conduct he's let you know that immediately, moderately than stringing you along for weeks. Rejection all the time hurts, sure, but it happens to everybody. And you're a big girl; you'll beyond doubt get over it.

Remind manually of what you have to offer, of what makes you special. Know that if a name with your fine qualities exists, surely a man with the good taste to love and be glad about you also exists.

Know this: The world is full of much develop men than the toad who let you down. And every rejection you face is a step about the right man, the one who's truly commendable of you and will add to your happiness.

Terry Hernon MacDonald is the biographer of "How to Be a magnet for and Marry the Man of Your Dreams. " Visit her website at http://www. marrysmart. com . Check out her blog at happygirlmusing@blogspot. com


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