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You see her athwart the room. Ah, so attractive. But insignificant person to commence her to you. 'Ah, I'll do a James Bond on her,' you think. Now what was Bond's first words to Pussy Galore? 'I must be dreaming. ' No, that won't work. How about singing 'Underneath the Mango Tree' to her as Bond did to Honey Rider in 'Dr. No'. Ah? No! Well, what's left? You'll just have to go up and talk to her, if it's a location where you won't see her again. But it's continually safe to fake that she has a boyfriend that can squeeze the stuffings out of a gold ball. That aside, take a accidental and make polite conversation. What's the worst that can happen. She says, 'I'm sorry, I'm not available. ' and you save the time and money of a date with her. Like George Burns says, 'When a charming woman says 'no' to me, it's a relief.

If you know that you will see her again, like at your university, your job, or effective at a restaurant, you can have a further shot at her and use the shy man's approximate to being paid a date.

'You farm boys don't make a pitch, you just shy your way into position,' Ann Margaret says to Pat Boone in 'State Fair'.

Okay, here it is. In its place of asking her to banquet or out on a date which has romance intended, get some tickets to a concert or event first, and then with tickets in hand say, 'I just happened to have tickets to this event. If you'd like to go with me, I'd be happy to take you. ' This way the business is the event. Talk about the character singing at the concert, as a replacement for of if the two of you could hit it off or not. She can certainly say yes or no, or ask more questions about you or the time and place of the event. She doesn't have the bulldoze of spinning you down, so she can just turn the event down and that will be that. And if by ability she can't make that date, but is engrossed in you, she can start chatting about going out a further time.

I've clearly optional this 'ticket' method to both men and women who are crazed with a big name at work, or at shop, or restaurant, and have no idea how to make an approach. If the character is available, they commonly say yes to an invitation. After all, it's just going to an event. It's not exceedingly a date.

I used this 'ticket' performance in institution to ask out a exquisite stranger. I was very shy, but was 'in love' from a aloofness so I had to take some kind of scary attraction. Her name was Cindy and I often saw her in the apprentice drawing room surrounded by guys. It took weeks of study her already I could catch her on foot alone, and ask her if she'd like to go see the aloof seat Cinerama presentation of 'Grand Prix'. She said, 'Well, I don't know you, but if you come and talk to me every now and then and I get to know you, then maybe. '

So in the next days I made an attempts at in receipt of in a few words with her as she talked with her friends. Then I found out she was attractive the film appreciation class that I had taken a semester earlier. So I pressed the coach to show my new 16mm battle film in the class that she was in. He fiqured I had a classified motive as he said he'd show it in the break of day class, but I said it had to be shown in the daylight class (the one Cindy was in). Finally, he agreed.

I not only heading for the film, but had a part in it where I used my newly erudite karate and hoped she would be impressed. The film went over great with the class kind and applauding. As she was departure the class I said to her, 'Well, do you know me well adequate now?' She said, 'To go out with you? I replied, 'Yes. ' She smilled and nodded her head yes. So don't 'ask her out'. Don't 'take her to dinner'. Get some tickets, and maybe she'll fulfil you like Cameron Diaz does in 'Charlie's Angels'. 'Tickets? I love tickets!'

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