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So how can a blind date become more intense your clairvoyant abilities? It's in all probability not what you're thinking. We're not chatting about having a few drinks with a big name you've never met before. We're chatting about mounting your spiritual abilities by deliberating conclusion down one or more of your five senses.

Because we are such brute creatures, we have a current to use our five senses in the whole lot we do. That's not a bad idea for driving, walking, or functioning on the computer, but if you want to add to your extrasensory or attitude abilities, using your five senses less will help.

That's where the blind date comes in. A blind date is where you blindfold manually and have a buddy walk you about on a "date. " Your buddy's job is to make sure that you're safe and you don't walk into everything or fall in a ditch. Your buddy is your guide and will lead you around, care you safe and upright.

Your part of this date is to broaden your spiritual abilities apparent as your buddy walks you around. Sense what is about you. Do you sense a large aim ahead or just open space? Sense what is after and above you as well, since your extrasensory abilities will allow you to see in 360 degrees.

You might want to have your buddy walk you about for a while, in many guidelines until you no longer have a sense of where you are. Then spin gradually about and delay your attitude perceptions. Tell your buddy what you sense in each bearing and have him or her tell you if you're right.

If you don't have a buddy to do this with, you can do it by by hand outside. Start in a moderately open space and just move bit by bit so you don't get hurt. Give a whole new consequence to the term "blind date," right?

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