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Each and every woman is an performer in their own way, and many of the methods that they use to trick us are so built into their psyches that there is a good ability they are not even aware of the fact that they are being deceptive. A wide range of techniques fall into this category, however, I'm only going to be conversation about one that has above all attracted my interest. I like to call this conduct "1000 proof liquor".

It only makes sense that a women will get more smashed by drinking the same sum of beer/liquor as a man, but there are limits to what is believable and what is not. When a woman feels that being very drunk may be in her best interest, she will cleanly "fake" it. You may not have even noticed it half of the time. . . but you've absolutely seen this in achievement before, and so many women use this practice this that I would be shocked if you haven't.

For example, one kind of woman that we are all common with (some of us more than others :P) use this tactic religiously, and have it mastered down to a science. We all know at least one "slut", and I would like you to think about the last time you were about one while she was drinking. Did she get enormously drunk after drinking only 1-2 beers or shots? Of classes she did, for the reason that ALL sluts do.

Now why would that be? Why would about every "sexually challenged" woman get drunk so easily?

It's quite simple. When ANY woman is drinking and has previously categorical that she would like to have sex with a exact man, she will begin to ACT drunk in order to have amazing to blame her deeds on, thus building her not arrive to be "easy" as she can say "Well. . . I had a lot to drink. . . " or amazing to that effect. This also works along with mind over matter. . . their performing drunk creates the illusion that they are more smashed than actuality, and their mind may begin to deem it.

By now it be supposed to be clear why all "sluts" act in this fashion. . . they know they are going home with SOMEBODY, so they might as well start drama drunk and get the show on the road. However, these women that tend to hop into bed with a small amount prodding are not the only ones who use this "1000 proof liquor" technique, and you will find that just about any woman will act this way when drinking about a guy that she wants.

Now that you know why women do this, you can use it to your advantage, lacking any guilt. . .

Whenever you announcement a female interim very drunk and flirting with you after only drinking a small sum of alcohol, don't think that you may be charming benefit of her. . . it's in point of fact the opposite. She is captivating benefit of you for the reason that she is attempting to con you by performing in such a way that justifies her too much flirting.

Further more, she is in reality Difficult to be taken help of, and going far out of her way to do so. Any woman who acts this way about you is noticeably very fascinated in you, and I be redolent of not assassination much time on macking. . . you've previously got it in the bag.

One of the most apparent signs that a woman is using the "1000 proof liquor" trick is when she constantly repeats any of the next phrases (or no matter which similar): "I'm soooo drunk", "Do I look drunk?", "Am I drama drunk?", "I'm especially air that ________". These phrases all change into "If you want me I'm yours", for the reason that like I said ahead of - she wants to let you know that it is ok for you to make a move, and this is a very simple, yet effectual fashion of doing so. . . drunk women are smarter than you'd think :)

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