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So, you're converted that you have zero opportunities to meet men.

Are you stuck in an agency all day with the same stiffs day in and day out? Have you tried singles' dances, only to leave ambiance worse than when you went in? Did the last loser your aunt set you up with squash your Chihuahua when he screeched up the driveway?

Well, don't fret. I have some ideas for you. While guidance columnists steer lone women into churches to meet honest, loyal, and booming men, I wouldn't dream of it. Place of worship is great for communing with God, but it never struck me as the best place to meet a man. People, counting me, are on our best actions at church. If you'd fairly meet a man where he's more apt to be himself, here are my top three recommendations:

1. A bar, distinctively at some point in Monday Night Football. Football spice is a great time to meet men who flock to taverns to watch the NFL. When I was single, I loved going to Monday Night Football (even despite the fact that I didn't actually absorb the game) as the bar was overflowing with commonly lone men, there was a free buffet, and the environment was merry. Counsel columnists as a rule tell women to stay out of bars if they want to meet apposite men, but I disagree. It's critical to see how a man drinks, and how he behaves under the authority of alcohol. Does he get cadaverous and drive home? Or, does he have a combine of beers and alter to water beforehand he leaves? Does he smack the bartender in the head when his team loses, or does he linger amiable? There are clothes you can learn in a bar about a man that you never will in church. Bring a acquaintance with you and make having fun, not hooking up, your first priority. You may have to show up three weeks in a row beforehand any person shows advantage in you (or, then again, maybe not). Keep in mind that altered bars appeal to assorted types of people. If you don't like the crowd in one bar, try a new place next time.

2. A class. I know, I know. You've heard this one before, but have you ever tried it? Let me tell you a story: My alone Brian's longtime girlfriend dropped him for a new guy. After mournful for a while, he dusted himself off and signed up for a cooking class. See, Brian loves to cook, but he put off pursuing ceremonial education while he was with What's-Her-Name. Once she was out of the picture, though, he absolute to chronicle for a course, figuring he'd meet many likeminded women there. Sure enough, he did. I counsel you to write down a list of hobbies you'd like to explore and be included out which of them would also ask to men. Then sign up for a class or join a club. See what happens.

3. Throw a party. While Brian did meet lots of women at the cooking class, he didn't fall in love with any of them. So he threw a party where he could show off his new skills. He wasn't picky about who he invited and told each person to bring a alone or two. The result? A woman he'd never met showed up. They fell in love and have been married now for two years. But even if Brian hadn't met his forthcoming wife that night, hosting that party netted him a lot of invitations to others, on condition that opportunities to meet many more people. A caveat: When you plan your party, don't keep out married acquaintances from the guest list. You don't want your big night to feel like a singles' mixer. Instead, ask couples and advance them to bring a friend.

Remember, the trick to conference new men is to break up your routine. Step one: Put down the remote. I ensure you that the world is full of great free men like Brian who want to meet a celebrity special, and for one of those men, that character is you. Seek and conceive new collective situations. Act naturally. Smile. Anything you do, don't keep twisting your neck like you're casing the place for a live one. Argue eye call with whomever you're chatting to, whether it's a man or a woman. Having fun is key. When you're having fun, you'll be a focus for men like a magnet.

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