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I'm journalism this for women and for men. I have to share this with you all. I met a guy a few months ago. He seemed like a appropriate guy. I met him at a restaurant, and we kind-of hit it off, so when he asked me to go out, I said yes. We became links so to speak, on the phone or when I saw him at the restaurant. I happening having doubts about him all the same when he would make plans and alter them all the time, like I was on his schedule and had no life of my own. So as a final point I said disregard it, this isn't going to work, it was even hard for me to be acquaintances with a big name who was so inconsiderate, so I told him not to call anymore. I saw him a few more times after that and he begged me for one more chance. I said to him, "this is it if you don't keep the plans, your just out of luck as I am only benevolent you this one opportunity". He called that weekend and I went out with him the next day. The date went fine, we had a lot in communal and we had fun, he made me laugh and that was important, He said he knew what it was he sought after and he hoped we could see each other again. I decided and left it at that.

The very next time I saw him, he from tip to toe changed. He became a total jerk, and I do mean jerk! He was rude to me in the restaurant, and was just a nasty person. I ended up departure devoid of my order when a gentleman stepped in to defend my honor, the bad part was that my son witnessed it all. But he ended up business an d goodbye a idea adage how sorry he was. I didn't benefit the call. I saw him about a month later and he apologized over and over, but I said, "you know this seems to be bothering you more than it is me, why is that"? And he said, "you know I have feelings too", yeah me too and I am over it, you were just a speck in time, I never gave you a agree with thought, and honestly after a day or two I didn't. I cut him beautiful good with my comments and he once again was bugging me to go out, as a final point I said, "you were mad for the reason that you didn't get what you wanted, I don't trust you with my feelings and if I cant trust you, you wont get my friendship, let alone an added attempt with my heart", with that he hung his head and left.

I see him on cause every now and then, he has constant his apologies over and over, and I as a final point said, as sorry as you look I will give you the opening to be a acquaintance of mine", so with that, he calls on occasion, when he needs a shoulder to cry on, at times he is mine, and I try to teach him how to treat young ladies, and women in general, I do deem he is learning, oh he gets a barely upset with my 'tell him how it is response' but he constantly calls again. So even although he was once a jerk, he has ended up attractive a big cheese I can call a friend, just hunted you to see that all effects can turn around, when you don't let ancestors take benefit of you, when you stand up for what you consider and know what you deserve. Gratitude for listening.

Vaughn Pascal

For God and Country

To Bub; I love you. To God and Jesus; Thank you.


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