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Yes, we all have a alone who is or has been caught up with a married man. Maybe we have been guilty ourselves. Even the words of our mother's "Don't get concerned with a married man or you'll get hurt" rings loud but seems to fade into stupor when "Mr. Smooth" enters our space.

So now that you are complicated (I mean your ally is involved) with "Mr. I wanna have my cake and eat it to", what are the tell tale signs that he is never going to leave his wife.

1. It's been a year (or more!)

If you've been complicated in this business (sorry honey there's no kind way to put it) for a year or more before you for him to get his commerce in order, then dear it's expected never to happen.

2. It's not the money

Aren't you worth more to him than his down half his net worth? "As soon as I can move some of my assets out of her name, I'll leave". Sure! Bear in mind you also have some assets to bring to the bond as well enhancing his wellbeing.

3. I'll wait 'til the kids are older

How old do the kids need to be? All kids aggrieve when parents split no be relevant what age.

4. He spends more nights away from you.

I know he doesn't want to coin disbelief at home. Soon he'll leave her and you'll be together?. forever! Hmmmmmmmm read point 1 again.

5. The flowers, dinners out or weekends away slow or fade away.

Ah you're now apart of the furniture. The romance is dwindling. Perchance it's just as well you didn't take the big step.

And after all bring to mind if you are going all through this now could it ensue to you later. Does a leopard certainly adjust his spots?

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