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Back in 2004, I met a gentleman who was attracted in being paid to know me better. After a few consideration of discovery out what I desired to know, I certain to participate. Early in this process, he told me that he is not a good "chit-chat" starter. He could engage in banter but early it and care it flowing were not his gifts. As time moved on, I found this to be true and it began to be a bother. The long moments of silence on the phone at times drove me batty. I don't know about you but I don't do long moments of silence well at all.

One day, I categorical to ask him how he felt about our communication. I mentioned to him my affect about the long moments of silence and he began to apologize. Well, I told him that I loved his assurance but there was exceedingly no need for it. I asked the difficulty to get in a row and now that we have this information, we can work on this area together. He wasn't up for the challenge so he bailed and guess what - he never concerned to tell me. I accepted wisdom a bit terrible happened to him but after cautious investigation - he was 100% fine.

I communal this with you to make a few key points about relationships:

* There are no achieve associates to have relationships with but if we are up for the challenge, our areas of weakness can befall strong.

* Conflict is a alone and an occasion for growth.

* Every irritation is a gift for the relationship.

* Relationships are the medicine that we need to grow, heal and reclaim our wholeness.

Many of the associates that I admire in relationships at time seem incompatible. My chiropractor is very strong, hidebound and in your face while her partner lays in the cut at the back of the scenes. I commit to memory her wife forceful me that he is lucky to be married to a woman like her since he has befit and is daily apt a develop man basically by having her in his life for the past 15+ years. "My weak areas have absolutely be converted into bright since of her. "

Sometimes we need to bail while other times God will send us accurately what we need in order for us to befall the best citizens that we can be. Don't miss out on your blessing. Step up to the plate and face the challenge!

Something to think about. . .

Coach Yvonne
The Free Woman's Cheerleader
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