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Women love to talk (just think of how long they talk on the telephone). Women like to help (just think of a average "female" job: nurse, day nursery teacher, aged nurse. . . ). Association those attributes and you got a talk up and in succession by asking the woman: "Could I ask you for help? Could you tell me why/what/how/. . . ". Ask her any difficulty you like as long as the cast doubt on is non-answerable by a clean "Yes" or "No".

Believe it or not, but maybe you have abortive in your last dating crack since you maneuvered manually into dead-end answers. If you ask a girl "Have you been long here?" then almost no matter which she can fulfil is a dead end. She could fulfil "No, not long" or "A combine of minutes" but both answers do not lead into a nice informal flow.

Many men (since men are practical-minded) want a "clear and simple" answer. For dating purposes that kind of "questioning strategy" is absolutely wrong.
Train by easily re-phrasing some of your question. Wrong: "Do you like this place?", right: "What do you think about this place?". You get the idea. In other words: Let her TALK. (This is just a down-to-earth case and I am not effective you to ask women that question).

Or ask her amazing like: "What do you think is the most conventional flaw men have?" or "I am inscription for dating-forum. com. Could you help me by decisive me what article your ideal man be supposed to have?". Let her talk for hours.

Typical "open questions" start with

  • Why. . . . ?

  • How. . . . ?

  • What. . . . ?

  • Where/When. . . . . ?

You get the idea.

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