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It's an added Friday night and I'm bored as sin. There's nil on cable, or small screen for that matter. I'm tired of comprehension books, and there's no one to talk to on the cell phone as they're out with their boyfriend or girlfriend. What was I going to do again? I loved Fridays as they fixed the end of the work week, but I hated Fridays as I had no man in my life, and no plans whatsoever.

I'd call my sister one more time. If she was doing something, I was going to tag along with her. I couldn't spend an added Friday night alone, and bored to tears out of my skull. Delight carry me from the activities of being jaded. I was going to lose my mind in the deal with if I didn't find a touch to do and fast.

I dialed my sister's number, and waited for her to pick up the telephone. She was a year older than me, and I could never find Shirley at home. The woman had a life and then some.

The phone rang three times, and I knew her answering apparatus would be appearance on soon. I was about to hang up when I heard the click. "Hello," she said.

"Why are you so out of breath?" I replied.

"I was just in receipt of in, but I'm on my way back out," Shirley replied. "What's going on?"

"I required to know what you were doing so I could get into my car and join you. I'm so bored stiff, I can't spend an added night in this dwelling alone. I'm going to end up in a mental institute Shirley. Delight help me!"

"I'm going out with James, and my girlfriend, Angela. We're going to the west side to hang out at her choice club, and I'll almost certainly be expenditure the night at her house. It's going to be late when I get home, and James decline to drive at night. You know how my wife is. This is the first time I could get him to go with me, so I'm not going to rain on his parade. "

I frowned since I wasn't about to spend time on the west side of Chicago with a celebrity I didn't know, and it was out of the distrust of me staying in her house too. "I don't think I'll be advent with you. Maybe the two of us can plan a bit next Friday. I'm about to lose my mind from sheer boredom. "

"Why did you end your association with Rain? He was set in his ways, but he established you?"

I frowned at the cite of Rain's name. I didn't want to think about the man. He was a less of a man, but you couldn't account for his faults to him. I was alone, so I might as well be alone by myself. "Rain is dead and boring, Shirley. The only thing he cares about is creation money, and his television. If all televisions gone into the heavens, then Rain would go right up to heaven with them. He didn't give a hoot about entertaining his young girlfriend. I'm done with him. "

"He used to take you everywhere, and now he's advanced in his ways. "

"We used to have so much fun, but now he thinks I'm alleged to make my own plans with other citizens while he stays under the tube for the rest of his life, and then some. I can't have faith in I done in so much of my time with the old goat. I must have known a man eleven years older than me was a hideous plight. What was I thinking?

"I'll talk to you later, Francine. If you alteration your mind just call me, and come down. "

I frowned again. "I won't, but thanks. "

I hung up the call up and flipped the channels. I found an episode of Alive Lone on, and established back to watch it. I was going to be diagnosed with on this Friday night, and there wasn't no matter which I could do about it. I plan on subsequent the same customary Saturday night too. Maybe I could find a part time job functioning Friday and Saturday nights? I had to do a bit on the weekends.

After examination an hour of Active SINGLE, I got inspired. One of the typeset in the sitcoms, Kim Fields certain to date herself. I brain wave she was bringing up the rear her mind, but she was fed up with the dating scene, and the dating games, and went to this round table on the sitcom. The amplifier told them to stop nerve-racking about other colonize surrendering your happiness, but to find happiness contained by yourselves. The female lecturer was so right, and it was time for me to make that move. I'd be bored rigid the rest of this weekend, but next weekend I was going to date myself. What a new idea and a revelation. I just hoped I could stand being with me. I laughed at the thought.

Another work week ended, and it was an added Friday night. This time I was going out to dinner. My date was me, myself, and I. At first I didn't think I could pull this off, but I was dressed in a nice skirt and blouse, and I was on my way to my darling restaurant, Bennigan's on Michigan Boulevard in Chicago, Illinois. I went there with a few friends, and boyfriends, but I never ventured alone. I just hoped I didn't get cold feet. I had never dated for myself before.

I took a deep breath and headed to my car. It was time to go out on my first date with myself. Why not?

At Bennigan's I found a table in the back, and felt uncomfortable for the reason that the place had to be crowded of all days. I reached for the menu and was bent on having some fun. I didn't have to make dialogue with anyone, and pretend that I was having a good time. I loved myself, so I knew I was going to have the time of my life. I ended up ordering a steak and the works with my desired drink, a Matai. The drink was delicious, and it gladly got me into the mood. I bought a good book to read, and in the center of feeding my face, I was comprehension a DANIELLE STEELE book, my desired author. I had all her books, and couldn't wait for the next one to come out. So far, so good with this dating for my part theme; I was truly comfortable now.

Two hours later I was still at the restaurant, and enjoying my book. Ms. Steele was a talented writer. Three men tried combination me, but I refused to have any men at my table as I was dating myself, and no one could interfere with my date. I took two of their phone numbers, but I didn't know if I was going to call them. I was having a grand time just being by myself. It felt good.

When I closed at the central point of my book, I check my cell phone to see what time it was. It was five hours later. I couldn't consider it. I had a delicious meal, and yummy chocolate cake for desert. I sipped three Matai's, and I wasn't drunk, but in a very good mood. My date was over, and I was impressed with me. I think I'll take for myself out again. I actually enjoyed myself, and had a good time.

On Saturday night I took in my opinion to the movies. I sought after to see Get your skates on AND FLOW with that ample Terrance Howard, with the gorgeous eyes, so I went alone. I was so edgy as I knew the acting would be crowded with bodies, but I wasn't going to back out. I had a ball last night, so this night would be even better.

I came twenty action early for the movie, and was able to get my ticket, a hotdog, popcorn, and a diet soda. I found the accurate seat in the average of the theatre. The movie was old now, so each had gone to see it, so I was lucky since the theatre wasn't that full.

As the previews were over, and the movie started, I was lucky a sufficient amount to find a seat not including a person meeting next to me. I smiled all over for my part for the reason that again, I was having the time of my life. I liked dating me.

Terrence Howard wasn't only handsome, but he was a very talented actor. I loved this movie, and Oscar buzz was categorically a possibility. He had it going on and then some. The man could act, and the rest of the cast, as well as Anthony Anderson was also a superb group of talented actors. Chief John Singleton ought to be very proud of himself as he did a very fine job on this movie.

I was disappointed when the movie ended, but I'd constantly commit to memory it for the reason that I came alone. I couldn't consider I had mastered this plan exclusive of any drawbacks. I was truly on my way to dating heaven, and I didn't need a further human being to make my life. I had me. What a revelation!

The dating for myself trend continuous for the rest of the month. I went to beaches alone, museums, Six Flags, and the boat to bet some of my hard earned money away. Now the boat trip was very informative and interesting. It was a weekend trip, and I enjoyed the ride for the reason that I got jammed up on my rest, and was able to stay in a nice hotel, eat, and gamble.

I also won three hundred dollars on the billet machine, and then I headed away from the casinos. I knew when to grab my winnings, and keep stepping. Of course of action I met a duo of men, but that was continually the case when you didn't want to be bothered. I unobserved most of them and didn't get any records this time as I was indomitable to date myself. Men were just a pain in my flipside for now. I just didn't want to be disturbed.

On the bus back home, I stared out the chance for the reason that sleep wasn't event with a smile on my face. My weekends were so brilliant now since I had adequate of effects to do that integrated me, and only me. I wasn't going to date a man maybe for the rest of my life as I had me. Who desired men when I had myself? I desperately laughed since the revelation of dating physically wasn't an antediluvian myth after all. It was a code of knowledge to love and be with yourself. If you could date yourself, then you have a develop appreciation of whom and what you are. Maybe I'll meet that man, but I'm education that it doesn't take a person to make my Friday and Saturday nights. I had the power to lift my boredom, and do amazing about it. What an eye starter for me! I think I'm going to take for my part to a ball game next Friday. What a dating revelation I was on, and I was having the time of my life. Again, who desirable men and women? I had myself, and I loved me. (1,880)

My name is Carol Ann Culbert Johnson. I work at the Advocate Beverly Base in Chicago, Illinois. Delight check out my website at: http://www. freewebs. com/jcarolann Check out my debut book, I CONFESS.


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