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8 equipment that maketh not the lady - dating


1. Tattoos.

Tattoos used to be the colouring of soldiers, sailors, mafiosi and punk rockers. About ten years ago, they became fashionable. The lower-middle curriculum in progress compelling them up. Unfortunately, different last years' shoes, tattoos can't be taken to the economy shop and disposed of.

To a a few class of person, tattoos are 'cool'. To another, they are a graffito on the temple of the soul. They mark a woman definitively as lower class, alienated, depressed, and a bit daft. They're also a handy way to ascertain one categorically to the authorities. Which shows how dense some crooks are.

The same goes for piercings. My ancestors are farmers. I accomplice nose rings with bulls, and piercings with cattle tags. They are a haven of dirt, infection, and their openings look unsightly.

With tattoos and piercings, ahead of you've opened your mouth, you've before now typed by hand to colonize you meet.

2. Highlights and streaks.

Are you blonde, or brunette? Make up your mind! These might have been novel ten years ago. Now they just look common. Not all gentlemen desire blondes. A good for your health head of untinted dark or raven dark hair is a agreeable novelty these days.

It is true that blondes have more fun. I used to be one! Most citizens on the world are dark. A non-blonde with blonde hair looks 'interesting'.

Now this approach is done to death, however. If they're doing it in Romford, it's buried!

3. Big hoop earrings.

Unmistakably part of the clothing of the gypsy. Which is fine if you are one. Strangely popular. Perchance they're to make the wearer's head look smaller. Add them to the skin above, and an repellent type emerges.

4. Binge drinking.

Binge drinking, squawking and lessening over in the avenue is hilarious if you are the one doing it. If you are the spectator, it's less so.

5. Detectable G-string.

This is erotic, no doubt about it. Except you haven't the appear to pull it off. Apt to provoke a corollary of 'Mother of G*d!' when adorning the pasty, imperfect buttocks of the 'full-figured' young lady. Bad diet, no exercise, five-pints-a-night, then 'peek-a-boo!'. Agggh!

I used to astonishment why so many saucily-dressed young ladies walked the streets hatchet-faced. Now I now. Half are demanding to ward off discarded advances, the other half are cheesed off they're not receiving any!

There's nil sexy about contrived, blatant eroticism. What's erotic is what seems to be an accident. 'A foretaste of stocking is a little quite shocking' etc.

Likely to aggravate female co-workers also. Presumptuous your business allows such clothing. It doesn't? I amazement why?

6. Swearing.

Your gentleman contacts might find this amusing, to your face. What they think in clandestine is an added matter. Addicted swearing is a new sign of a depressed, angry person. It's unattractive. The more you do it, the more it corrodes your subconscious.

7. Breast Augmentation.

Also known as a 'boob job'. These look fine, from a distance. Compared to a actual pair, they look odd. They are to real breasts what a transvestite is to a 'red hot mama'; no competition. Up close, they're just not as good as the real thing. A effortlessly functional piece of paraphernalia has been twisted into a cartoon joke, with achievable long-term medicinal consequences.

Some men like small breasts. Beauty is a be important of proportion. Some women are fearful about their appearance; nil will choose them.

A good case is . . .

8. Dying Eyebrows.

They get plucked away to nothingness, then get drawn or tattooed back in. And this is better? One can end up looking freakish, even clown-like. Loss of hair suggests illness. Plucking out one's hair is often a sign of mental illness. Girls, desist! Don't try to gild the lily!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are ancestors who'll cheer you in the above. They'll say you look lovely. Misery loves company, and some colonize delight in the fall of others.

Be your own woman. Stand back from yourself, your life and your surroundings, and choose your own destiny.

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