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Surely you bear in mind that illustrious line from American Pie, when the band geek says to Jim, "Say my name, Bi*ch!" And Jim squeaks back, "Michelle! Michelle!" Well, take heed, fellows. That band geek was asking for what many of us ladies want to hear, and not just in the heat of the moment.

If there's a elite girl out there who steams your dumplings, you might want to knock her socks off every now and again by uttering her name. Say it aloud, type it in an email: just make sure to attend to her by name! HER name. . . and no one else's (this part is attractive important).

I speak for the bulk when I say: there is nonentity beat than consideration your own name burst forth from the lips of the one you love. I don't mean that every time you start a new decree you ought to drop her name at the front of it. That's just plain weird. Inserting her name into every typed judgment of an email is also weird. Instead, try to interrupt the chat with casual utterances of her name. . . just often a sufficient amount to make her gasp with pleasure at the sound of the Magic Word. This works acutely well as part of your dramatic admission onto the scene.

Example: you're hot for your coworker, Jen, and you know she's hot for you. After just strolling in from lunch, you round the bend to her cubicle. There she is, God love her, arched over the keyboard, precious disheveled locks lessening into those beautiful peepers as she squints confusedly at the monitor. Ahh, the sight of her makes you dizzy with anticipation, doesn't it. Go for it, Loverboy. Say it! Say her name. Say it now, like this:

"Jen. . . ?"

(And now she looks up, just as her stomach is plummeting into her shoes at the sight of you. . . )

(breathless) "Yes?"

See how easy that was? Now, don't blow it by next with a little like, "Have you seen my Bag Protector?" (although if you've been aphorism her name all this time you may have before now hypnotized her to the point that she has gone out and purchased her OWN compact protector. )

Seriously guys: the name thing works. If you're being paid the sense that exclusive lady is digging your goods, seal the deal and start using her name in sentences, in emails, and in text letter greetings. Say it with the undertones of, "I have a holy place of you at home and every night I sacrifice small animals in your honor, O Beauteous One. . . "

Okay, I'm fully kidding about the place of pilgrimage thing. (Please don't have a shrine!) Say her name like it's music to your ears. And discourse of music: if clothes are looking shows potential for the two of you, maybe you can go so far as to sing her a few songs with her name in them! Yes, songs are a different brilliant way to slip her name into everyday chat and leave her giddy at the attention of you. Why, you're The Guy Who Knows Her Name!

The name thing even applies if you're in a acute relationship. Snooky, Shorty, Honeybear, Baby and Shmoopy can be cute when goofing around, but if you All the time call your girl by a pet name and never by her real name, there's a bit wildly disappointing about that. And trust me. . . one day when some other guy looks at YOUR girlfriend and says, "Hey, SHARON. . . " she is going to SNAP TO IT beautiful darn quickly. (Unless of course, her name is Ann, in which case she doubtless won't act in response at all).

Even Madonna tried to tell you once: "When you call my name, it's like a a small amount prayer. " So fellas, pay attention up. If you want to let that a few a big cheese know how you feel about her. . . say her name!

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